Tax Representation

Liens, penalties, and compounding interest are serious matters, which may lead to the loss or seizure of both individual and business assets. As a taxpayer, you have rights and Kiwall Business Services will protect those rights.  We provide complete tax representation services before the IRS, state, and local tax authorities to include management, reduction, and settlement of outstanding claims, payments, audits, and debt.  A Power of Attorney will be prepared by our office to be signed by the client.  The Power of Attorney allows us to speak to IRS or the state on the client's behalf.

Our tax representation duties comprise, but are not limited to: 

  • Trust Fund Recovery;  Payroll Taxes, 941's
  • Working with the Taxpayer to come up with a lump sum payment to satisfy a portion of the balance from multiple tax years and to where IRS or state will determine if that lump sum payment is sufficient to forgive the difference, if not, they may request the client to file an Offer In Compromise. 
  • Working with the Taxpayer in understanding and completing the financial statement required by IRS to determine if the client is a candidate for an Offer in Compromise.

Please contact us for further details regarding our tax representation services.

Working with our clients, not simply for them!

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